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To study on Accademia Riaci Summer Program in Florence is to inhabit history, to step into a living text, it is to directly encounter some of the world’s greatest art and gain the critical tools to confront it fully; to take in a city of subtle moods from literary, historical and archaeological vantage points; to create one’s own art under the guidance of practicing artists. It is a plunge into journey of extraordinary breadth and depth.


Major Introduction
  • Art Course – Intensive lessonWorking directly with distinguished Florentine artists in studio, students studying the arts expand their knowledge and expertise through a combination of research, technical training and creative projects. Exposure to libraries, museums and private collections enhance this work.
  • Italian Home Cooking Course In each lesson, you will prepare a complete course menu, starting from appetizers to desserts. You will learn the secret recipes of Italian homemade cuisine, using high-quality local ingredients from Tuscany. Through this course, you can learn and enjoy Italian culinary art as much as possible.
  • How to apply

    Please refer to the Application Page.

    Lodging in Florence

    It is the most desirable to be able to stay in a living environment of the city where life is lived. You can stay in these apartments. These apts are to be shared with other students. These apts have kitchens where you can actually practice your own home cooking with freshly shopped foods from the market. »See the detail

    Local staff’s support

    Our local staffs will welcome you, they are there to consult with you on various issues on living abroad. They will handle insurance issues, medical arrangements in case of emergencies and will attend as interpreters. It’s comforting to know that you are in good hands of local staffs.


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    Major Introduction

    You can choose the courses below. Shoemaking, Jewelry Making, Jewelry Design, Painting and Drawing, Bag Making & Leather Arts, Bag Design, Shoe Design, Interior Design, Architectural Design, Furniture Design, Glass Art, Ceramics, Restoration of Paintings, Fashion Design, Fashion Business, Product Design, Art History, Graphic Design, Illustration, Bookbinding, Woodworking, Furniture Restoration, Italian Home Cooking, Gelato Course, Italian Language, English Language, and Enjoy Italy. *The instructors may change without prior notice.

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