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You will start learning from basics of oil painting, water –color, fresco and other techniques to extend your learning to space structure and understandings of shading, composition, including lectures on art history in order to study Italian art and outdoor drawing, participants will learn both traditional techniques and modern techniques. For those who will take two months course, you will learn techniques that can be only mastered in Italy in more thorough fashion. You will feel only Florence will make your environment possible for you to come up with such an inspiration.

Instructors :
Our instructors are active in modern art and have very strong insights into traditional painting and have very strong background not only on basic techniques, but also on Fresco and traditional techniques. Their artistic talent is no need to mention, but also they excel in instructing students in exciting manner and are brimmed with artistic power of Italy. We believe these classes can imbue professional artists with strong sense of artistic power.

2 weeks Course Sample Schedule

week day AM PM
1st week Sun. Arrival in Florence
Mon. Orientation, City tour, Welcome Lunch Free time
Tue. Lessons Free time
Wed. Lessons Free time
Thu. Lessons Free time
Fri. Guided art visits Free time
Sat. Cultural Activity
2nd week Sun. Free time
Mon. Lessons Free time
Tue. Lessons Free time
Wed. Lessons Free time
Thu. Lessons Free time
Fri. Guided art visits Free time
Sat. Housing Check-out

Fees and Schedule 2023
(fees - includes accommodation, meal vouchers (2 meal vouchers + 2 drink (coffee/tea/mineral water) vouchers per week), and weekly visits, etc.)

1 week 2 weeks 4 weeks 6 weeks 8 weeks 12 weeks
Fees (Tuition Fee + Accommodation, etc.)
€1,800 €2,800 €4,900 €6,900 €9,200 €12,900
1 3 6 9 12 18
Check-in (Sun) - Check-out (Sat)
[ 2023 ]
May 7–May 13
May 21–May 27
Jun 4–Jun 10
Jun 18–Jun 24
Jul 2–Jul 8
Jul 16–Jul 22
Jul 30–Aug 5
Aug 6–Aug 12
Aug 27–Sep 2
Sep 10–Sep 16
[ 2023 ]
May 7–May 20
May 21–Jun 3
Jun 4–Jun 17
Jun 18–Jul 1
Jul 2–Jul 15
Jul 16–Jul 29
Jul 30–Aug 12
Aug 27–Sep 9
Sep 1 –Sep 23
[ 2023 ]
May 7–Jun 3
May 21–Jun 17
Jun 4–Jul 1
Jun 18–Jul 15
Jul 2–Jul 29
Jul 16–Aug 12
Aug 27–Sep 23
Sep 10–Oct 7
[ 2023 ]
May 7–Jun 17
May 21–Jul 1
Jun 4–Jul 15
Jun 18–Jul 29
Jul 2–Aug 12
Aug 27–Oct 7
[ 2023 ]
May 7–Jul 1
May 21–Jul 15
Jun 4–Jul 29
Jun 18–Aug 12
[ 2023 ]
May 7–Jul 29
May 21–Aug 12
★ Painting, jewelry making, art history, enjoyment, Italian, English, home cooking, home cooking / Dolce, gelato, barista courses only
Due to a SUMMER BREAK, the school will be closed from August 5, 2023, to August 20, 2023.


Enrollment fee, Tuition,
Facilities fee (no materials),
Orientation meeting,
Welcome lunch,
Welcome kit (city map, pen, notebook, file folder, bus pass, one lunch ticket),
Weekly guided art visits to the best attractions and historical monuments of Florence,
Housing: shared apartment – twin room (single room available),
Housing utilities expense,
Meal vouchers (2 meal vouchers + 2 drink (coffee/tea/mineral water) vouchers per week),
Cultural visits 1 time/2 weeks (e.g., pizza lesson, visit to a World Heritage city or winery, etc., content to be changed each week),
English interpreter during lessons with the teacher

  • Materials for artworks used or consumed individually by students are not included in the fees above.
  • *Lessons are composed of two parts: class led by the instructor and practice time (Independent Study) where students can create freely after the guidance.
    (Independent Study is a learning and production hoers at the academy and at home.)
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