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Summer Course – “Student Reporter Scholarship”

Accademia Riaci offers a special scholarship of 10% for students who choose to become a “student reporter”. Application deadline: March 29, 2024. Reporter scholarships are awarded based upon various criteria, but with special focus on the applicant’s photography portfolio essay.

Report content

1. Summary of the contents and rules we would like you to report on.

Once a week, report on each lesson of the week with photos/video and text. The following contents and conditions must be met.
  • Descriptions of the techniques learned the introduction of materials and tools, lesson scenes, etc.
  • Minimum of 5 photos and 10 videos per week.
  • Each photo image must have 2 to 10 lines of comment.
  • Language should be English and native language.
    <Examples of contents of a one-week report>
  • At least 2 close-up photos or videos of your class work.
  • Photos and videos of you with your classmates and teachers (pictures/videos of all of you together, photos/videos of you with your teachers).
  • At least 2 photos/videos of you working in class
  • At least 2 photos/videos of you in your daily life (where you are staying, in the city, on vacation, back home, traveling, etc.)
  • At least 10 works per week (at least 5 photos and 5 videos of you with school staff, etc.).
For example, a student in the academic year who starts their course in the fall semester should submit 27 weeks of lessons (27 reports) + 1 report during fall break + 1 report during winter break + 1 report during spring break = 30 reports in total.
・For academic year students starting courses in the spring (January), students must submit 27 weeks of lessons (27 reports) + 1 report during spring break = 28 reports total.
・For academic year students starting in early summer (May), 27 weeks of lessons (27 pieces) plus 2 reports during the summer break and 1 report during the winter break = 30 reports total.

    <How to submit photos and reports>
  • All digital pictures and videos are to be submitted to the secretary’s office every Friday morning.
  • Report texts, compressed photos, explanatory text for each image, 5 or more videos of 10 seconds each, and explanatory text for each video are to be sent to the designated email address specified by the school by Friday afternoon each week. You must compress data.

2. Rules and Notes on Student Report Scholarships; please read carefully.

Please note that being awarded a scholarship above means that you will be expected to contribute a lot. Accademia Riaci is looking for motivated students who will share their classes at Accademia Riaci, the joy of learning Arts, Design, Crafts, and life in Italy with the whole world in a positive way. We are willing to provide mutual understanding and support to achieve this goal.
If you are awarded a Student Report Scholarship and fail to write your report during the lessons, your un-updated report history will remain on the school’s website. In addition, you will not be able to take the classes for which you were awarded the scholarship. Therefore, if you receive a 10% scholarship and fail to submit a single report, you will forfeit your right to take classes for your last 10% period. If you receive a 5% scholarship and submit only half of the required reports, you will forfeit your right to attend 2.5% of the classes. If you want to take all the classes, you are obliged to return the scholarship you received at the time of enrollment to the school by one month before the end of the course.

Please consider carefully whether you want to do it and whether it suits you before applying. Accademia Riaci is looking for motivated applicants!

◾️Conditions of Course Reporter
All rights reserved by the Accademia Riaci.
Your name and picture will also be on the web page.
The school will check the contents, so not all of your reports will be on our website.

Application Method

  1. Fill out the Student Reporter Application Form *Please write the name of the course you wish to enroll, and check if you apply for becoming a Students’ Reporter. It may not be considered without the name of the course.
  2. Essay: Theme: “How I would like to expand my own business in the future” A4 size1-2 pages, in Italian or English 200~300 words, or 400 words in Japanese.
  3. Portfolio with 12 of your works (It must be attached to mail by PDF file. *It is not necessary if you have no experience in the field in which you would like to study. The contents of the portfolio must be listed: the number, the size, the medium and the finished date of the work)
  4. Explanation of each work in your portfolio about the making and characteristics of the works.

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