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How to Apply

Admission Requirements

1. Accademia Riaci admits students 16 and older.
2. A sufficient English or Spanish Language Proficiency.

Application Deadlines

30 days prior to the beginning of class. Please inquire for availability of the course.

Application Procedures

1. Complete the ACCADEMIA RIACI application form and email it to OFFICE OF ADMISSIONS.

The required original documents

  • Application Form
  • A copy of the wire transfer.
  • A passport photo (3cmX4cm)
  • A photocopy of your passport
  • For Advanced Students
    We will arrange your class depending on what you did before. So, please send us your portfolio.
    -For advanced students: a portfolio of 12 Art works (by email) for Advanced Students with a description sheet listing each piece by number, size, medium and date.

2. ACCADEMIA RIACI receives your required documents, then, within 30 days ACCADEMIA RIACI will let you know if you are accepted for the course you requested.

3. Pay the remaining fee (see the “Payment Procedure”) by 30 days before the course starts. After ACCADEMIA RIACI confirms your payment, the student will receive a “Certificate of Enrollment” via email.

Note: When applying to ACCADEMIA RIACI, the student commits to agree and accept the coditions stated in the GENERAL CONDITIONS . Those who cannot agree will be rejected, and the amount paid will not be refundable.

Payment Procedures

Fees may be paid exclusively by WIRE TRANSFER, directly to OFFICE OF ADMISSIONS. Please use the bank information in Application form.

Wire Transfer

If a parent or a relative is transferring money for a student, please mark the name of the student clearly on the transfer statement. Please e-mail the proof of payment to the OFFICE OF ADMISSIONS.


Application Form (PDF)

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