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Italy is the core of leather art in the world, hosting numerous prestigious brands recognized globally. The reason why Italian shoes enchant so many people all over the world is their highly sophisticated designs realized by the endless pursuit for quality of Italian artisans who put value on creating beautiful, comfortable with featherly touch, and inspiring shoes.

Accademia Riaci’s Shoe Making course offers students a rare chance to learn the authentic, top-level shoe making techniques, directory from Italian leather artisans with highest skills and rich experience.

Students will learn basic techniques of shoe making through intensive lessons, making shoes for their own size. It includes all the steps of shoe making, from measuring the size, cutting patterns, cutting leather, composing, sewing, and finishing. According to the length of the course and experience, students can produce various types of shoes.

Instructors :
Studio instructors are from a line of family, who has been making leather goods in generations. The studio is located in the area where aristocratic buildings are lined up. The instructor will show students every step of leather crafts in easy comprehensive manner. Design instructors will take you out to out-of-school lessons at Ferragamo Shoes Museum if you prefer. He will help you to draw your best sensibility and design expressions for the latest design work of the world.

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2 weeks Course Sample Schedule

day 1st week schedule day 2nd week schedule
Sun. Arrival in Florence Sun. Free time
Mon. Orientation, City tour & Lunch, Lesson Mon. Lessons
Tue. Lessons Tue. Lessons
Wed. Lessons Wed. Lessons
Thu. Lessons Thu Lessons
Fri. Art visit, Lessons Fri. Art visit, Lessons
Sat. Cultural visit Sat. Check out, Return Home

Fees and Schedule 2019

4 weeks 6 weeks 8 weeks 12 weeks
Tuition Fee + Accommodation, etc.
€4,600 €6,400 €8,200 €11,000
Number of Lessons (*1 Lesson = 45 minutes)
22 lessons/week (with instructors)
+ 22 Independent Study/week (without instructor)
6 9 12 18
Check-in (Sun) - Check-out (Sat)
[ 2019 ]
May 5 – Jun. 1
May 19 – Jun. 15
Jun. 2 – Jun. 29
Jun. 16 – Jul. 13
Jun. 30 – Jul. 27
Jul. 14 – Aug. 10
Jul. 28 – Aug. 31
Aug. 18 – Sep. 14
Sep. 1 – Sep. 28
[ 2019 ]
May 5 – Jun. 15
May 19 – Jun. 29
Jun. 2 – Jul. 13
Jun. 16 – Jul. 27
Jun. 30 – Aug. 10
Jul. 14 – Aug. 31
Aug. 18 – Sep. 28
[ 2019 ]
May 5 – Jun. 29
May 19 – Jul. 13
Jun. 2 – Jul. 27
Jun. 16 – Aug. 10
Jun. 30 – Aug. 31
Jul. 14 – Sep. 14
Jul. 28 – Sep. 28
[ 2019 ]
May 5 – Jul. 27

Enrollment fee, Tuition,
Facilities fee (no materials),
Orientation meeting,
Welcome lunch,
Welcome kit (city map, pen, notebook, file folder, bus pass, one lunch ticket),
Weekly guided art visits to the best attractions and historical monuments of Florence,
Housing: shared apartment – twin room (single room available),
Housing utilities expense,
Daily meal vouchers (4 daily meal vouchers a week + 2 Coffee/tea/mineral water vouchers a week),
Cultural excursions: once every 2 weeks (e.g.: ceramic laboratory visit, antique market of Arezzo visit, trip to Pisa, trip to a Tuscan farmhouse, Pizza lesson),
English interpreter during lessons with the teacher

  • Intensive lessons: 22 lessons/week with the instructors + 22 Independent Study/week (without instructor)
  • 1 lesson=45 minutes
  • Materials for artworks used or consumed individually by students are not included in the fees above.
  • Apply for Summer Course Apply for Summer Course